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Data migration to WodGuru


How does data migration to WodGuru looks like?
What data can we transfer to WodGuru?
What happens after a data migration?
How to prepare a file for migration?
What about the installing a card/QR code reader?

Data migration to WodGuru

If you have used a different system so far, or kept a list of gym members in any other form, and you would like to keep the data, we can easily (and free of charge) transfer it to WodGuru.

How does data migration to WodGuru looks like?

We will need your customer data collected in a spreadsheet. You can find an empty file at the end of this article.
We need to arrange a data migration date. It is most convenient for us to do this on the weekends, but everything is negotiable - just contact us in the chat and we will find a date together.
Just before the migration, we will ask you to send a file tilled with data (the point is that you provide the data as up-to-date as possible).

What data can we transfer to WodGuru?

There are 3 types of member's account in WodGuru: Member's account types

We can transfer 2 types of accounts to WodGuru:

Guest accounts. We transfer only personal data, without any memberships assigned.
Member accounts. We transfer all the personal data together with membership details. In order for us to do this, we need you to make sure of a few things:

Memberships. In your WodGuru account, in the [Settings > Memberships] tab, create memberships with the same names as found in the file. After migration, you will be able to change the names, but at the moment of data transfer, the system must recognize and match what is in your file with what we have in the system. More info here: Creating memberships
Schedule. Create a schedule of your classes - so that when we send invitations to your gym members, you will avoid panic (and flooding you with messages) that there are no classes in the system that they can sign up for Here's info on creating classes in the schedule: Recurring classes and One-time classes (events)
Online Payments. If you plan to use online payments (i.e. sell memberships also via the app), make sure that everything is ready at the time of data migration. Here's more info on how to do it: Online payments
WWW. If you have your website with links to the schedule, login or account registration, make sure that the links have been replaced with those that lead to your WodGuru account. In the tab Settings > Web integrations you will find everything you need Here's even more on this topic: Integrating WodGuru into your website

When everything is ready, we schedule the date of data transfer and upload to the system what we find in the file we get from youL

personal data of your club members
information about their current memberships (what kind of memberships they have and when they expire)

All session-based memberships will have a number of sessions (entries to be used) set to 0. It will have to be updated manually, remembering to do it before gym members activate their accounts and start signing up for classes - because the session is always used at the time of registration: Session based memberships

What happens after a data migration?

We're letting you know that your data has been transferred. And you check if everything is ok
And if it's OK then:

In the case of transferring accounts without memberships, you can find a list of guests in the Reports > Members tab - and you can start selling memberships to them: Extending/selling memberships
In the case of clients with memberships migration, when you're ready, you let us know and we send them invitations - each person with an assigned membership will receive an e-mail with a link to activate their account at WodGuru. It's best if you let your customers know to check their e-mails To activate the account, each member will have to set a password. After doing that, they will log into their accounts with their e-mail addresses and previously set passwords.

If you have used the free version of WodGuru so far, you will automatically switch to the paid version at the time of data migration, starting with the free month Read more here: Payments for WodGuru

If you have a notice period at your old software, we will not issue you our invoices during this time so that you do not have to pay for the system twice.

How to prepare a file for migration?

Please prepare your .csv file as described in this example: 👉 Data migration file - WodGuru example 👈

We only transfer clients' data to WodGuru, if there is at least a phone number or an e-mail address provided in the file.

What about the installing a card/QR code reader?

We will transfer your card reader after the migration It's best if we arrange the installation separately, via chat

Please check what card/QR codes readers we support: Integration with a gym card reader

Updated on: 30/11/2023

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