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Integrating WodGuru into your website

Integrating WodGuru into your website

WodGuru can be very easily connected to your website, regardless of whether your website is built on Wordpress (or any other software) or not.

Everything that you can connect to your website can be found in the Settings > Integrations tab.

Each of these elements can either be embedded directly on your site, or you can use a direct link to each of these components.

We have 5 components available:

Gym's public schedule

A schedule that you can embed on your website. Always fresh and in sync with all changes made to the schedule. The best way to show your facility's schedule to new members.

Registration form for new members

Option to register and buy the first subscription for your new gym members.

Registration form for new guests

Registration option without purchasing a subscription.


Possibility to sell products, e.g. T-shirts, workshops.

Landing page

A smart combination of the components above to create a simple marketing page.

Updated on: 30/11/2023

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