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Google Tag Manager - Integration

Integration with Google Tag Manager (GTM).

What is GTM

Google Tag Manager is a tool that allows you to create, implement and manage tags, i.e. scripts and codes installed on your site to invoke specific functions. In other words, if we have GTM installed on our site, we can use it to place various other scripts on our site, such as codes for Facebook ads, or Google Analytics.

Why do we need to integrate WodGuru with GTM?

If you are running advertising campaigns on FB / Google, then putting your GTM in WodGuru will help you track the effectiveness of these campaigns. That is, you will know if the person who clicked on the ad actually bought a membership, signed up for the first class or bought something in your WodGuru store.

How to connect your GTM code to WodGuru?

Under Settings > Web Integrations, you will find:

Enter your GTM number (GTM-XXXXXX) there and save.

Where can I find my GTM number?

Your GTM number looks like this: GTM-XXXXXX.

Here a couple of tutorials where you can find it:

Where will my GTM be placed in WodGuru and what events will it send?

Your GTM code will be visible on the following pages:

Registration form for members.

Event that we will send after purchasing the pass: wodguru_athlete_registration_form_completed.

Guest registration form.

The event that we will send after guest registration is: wodguru_guest_registration_form_completed.


The event that we will send after the purchase is: wodguru_shop_completed.

Updated on: 29/03/2023

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