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In short: family accounts (kids in most cases) or an option to add additional membership to one member.

What is a subaccount?

WodGuru subaccount is an account that belongs to some other account (main account).
On a subaccount, you can sign in only from the main account level.

When we use subaccounts?

Family accounts. Mostly, when our kids are signed up in the same gym as we are.
When members want to own more than one memberships at the same time

How to create a subaccount?

While creating a new member, you can select the type: Subaccount
Put his first and last name, select membership, and define subaccount owner (main account).

That's is how it looks like from a member's perspective

When you log in on the main account with, having subaccounts, you will see and option to switch between accounts, like this:

once you click on "change" profile button:

by clicking on the selected profile, your app reloads and logs you in as selected subaccount. From that point, you can sign up on classes, check membership, etc on the selected subaccount.

Updated on: 20/08/2020

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