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How to handle members with the Multisport card


The settlement with Multisport members

How to handle members with the Multisport card

Find out what is the best way to deal with multisport members in our system.

We use "Multisport" as an example. You can work similarly with any other benefit program.


We want to have multisport members in the system, but we don't want to spend much time on extending their memberships.

It is best to create a long-term membership, eg. 12 months for 0 PLN. Registration of a member with such membership will allow us to keep him in our database + the club member has an account and can sign up for classes like any other member.


The lack of involvement of multisport members is the basic problem that we have to solve. The biggest issue of gyms is taking places by multisport members and not coming to classes.

There are several ways to deal with it:

Penalties for absence. WodGuru allows you to impose penalties for not attending classes. The amount of the penalty is set in Settings > Signups and classes tab.

Disabled signups for those with debt in the wallet. (Check how Wallet works)

The minimum wallet amount required to sign up for classes. You can set it for a specific membership. If the balance is lower than required, the club member will not be able to sign up for the classes. You can configure it here: Settings > Membership, by editing a specific membership. A club member who does not have the required amount will see the following information:

The settlement with multisport members

WodGuru allows you issue an invoice. In the case of Multisport, after each month we need to issue an invoice with the number of entries using the multisport card.

The best would be:

create a product named "Multisport entry" with the price you have on the contract with multisport (Warehouse tab)
create a guest account and add there details of an invoice for multisport

once in a month sell eg. 100x "Multisport entry"

Updated on: 30/11/2023

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