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Vaccination module
In WodGuru, you can decide whether you want to verify club members in terms of their vaccinated / unvaccinated status. Below you will find information on how to activate the Vaccination module, where the statuses are visible and to whom.

Enabling the Vaccination Module:

Go to Settings > COVID. You can enable a vaccination module there.

If you want to verify your club members and assign them appropriate statuses, this function should be turned on.

Vaccinated / Unvaccinated status:

You can assign the statud directly with a specific club member by selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down menu:

Status view: Vaccinated / unvaccinated:

After selecting that the club member is vaccinated, the following badge will appear on his avatar:

The club member is vaccinated

And this is when we indicate that the club member is not vaccinated:

The club member is not vaccinated

Vaccination module statuses are visible only to you, club members will not see them in any case.
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