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Vaccination module


What is the Vaccination Module?
Enabling the Vaccination Module
Vaccinated / Unvaccinated Status

Vaccination module

In WodGuru, you can decide whether you want to verify club members in terms of their vaccinated / unvaccinated status. Below you will find information on how to activate the Vaccination module, where the statuses are visible and to whom.

Enabling the Vaccination Module:

If you want to verify your club members and assign them appropriate statuses, this function should be turned on. Please let us know on chat and we will send you the link where you can enable it.

Vaccinated / Unvaccinated status:

You can assign the statud directly with a specific club member by selecting the appropriate option from the drop-down menu:

Status view: Vaccinated / unvaccinated:

After selecting that the club member is vaccinated, the following badge will appear on his avatar:

The club member is vaccinated

And this is when we indicate that the club member is not vaccinated:

The club member is not vaccinated

Vaccination module statuses are visible only to you, club members will not see them in any case.

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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