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How to register a new member


How to register a new member
First way - member will register on his own
Second way - member will be registered by the club

How to register a new member

You will learn what forms of adding a new user to the system we have and how to use them.

In WodGuru we have 3 types of user accounts. All of them are described here.
There are two ways of adding a new member to the system.

Member will register on his own

Registration form for new guests (without membership)
Registration form for new members (with membership)

Registration by the club

There are several places in the system where you can add a new person, but let's focus on the most important one. In the top right corner of your app you will find an icon:

Once you click it, a window will pop-up. You can choose the account type and write details of the new person.

There are 3 types of accounts. You can find the description here.

If you don't have any member registered yet, we encourage you to make an account and see how it looks like from a member's perspective. Use different email address than the one you registered your account with. 😊

Here you can read what happens after member's registration (with membership).

Updated on: 30/11/2023

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