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Wallet - what is it used for in the system?
Turning on the wallet
Filling member's wallet
Selling using the wallet
When else can it be used?


In our system, wallet is used in many places. All of them are described in this article.

The wallet was created to let the members put funds in it and use it while making cashless purchases.

Example: A member gives us 50 PLN. We add it to the member's wallet, and each time he buys water, we click that he pays with the wallet. The amount in the wallet is reduced, and the member does not have to remember to carry cash.

Turning on the wallet

To turn on the wallet, visit the Settings -> Modules:

Filling member's wallet

When a member gives us money to fill his wallet we should go to his profile where we can see:

After filling the wallet, transaction history appears:

Selling using the wallet

From now on, while selling products for the customer, we will see the wallet as one of the payment methods (only when the member has enough amount in the wallet)

Note: Wallet will appear only when we set the buyer

After making the payment it will be visible in the wallet's history:

In what other situations wallet can be used

Buying on credit - when a member wants to pay later, we can choose the "Pay later" option. Then the amount of the transaction is deducted from the member's wallet. Below is an example of an account to which we sold a membership using the "Pay later" option:

Information about the debt will appear at many places eg. on the class attendance list, in the user's profile. The member also sees the information about the debt in his app:

In the wallet tab a member has access to his full transaction history:

The wallet is also used when we impose a penalty on the user for not attending classes. This penalty can be set in the Schedule tab.

The wallet is definitely a feature worth using in your facility 😊

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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