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Recurring payments

Recurring payments

In WodGuru, you can use online payments, including recurring card payments.

The provider of recurring payments in WodGuru is Espago.

How to enable recurring payments?

You have to sign a contract with Espago. We can help you a little bit. 😊 Let us know via chat, and we will send you the contact details of the person who deals with contracts in Espago.

You set the commission with Espago, not with us.

When the contract is signed, we are waiting for an e-mail from Espago with your data we need for integration. Usually it does not take more than 7-10 days.
We copy your data into your WodGuru account and that's it!

How do recurring payments work?

For a member who makes an online payment using the card, the card details are saved in his account. He can edit / delete them by going to the My profile tab in his account.

You can disable the option of removing the card from the system by selecting it in Settings > Online payments.

Recurring payments for the continuous membership will be charged automatically from the member's card after the current membership expires.

If for some reason the payment has not been finished, the system will try again the following day.

All card payment attempts can be found in Settings > Online Payments, along with other online payments.

If the payment was declined, there will be information about why it was not possible to download $$ (e.g. online payment limit exceeded, no funds, no card provided etc.)

Additional information:

Recurring payments can be used along with other online payment methods.
For selected memberships, you can force payment by card. The option is very useful for contracts - you can enable it in the Membership settings:

Updated on: 02/08/2022

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