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How to add a discount to a membership


Adding a discount when selling a subscription
Discount editing
Discount codes

How to add a discount to a membership

By default, the gym member pays the price you set for the given membership. However, we can change the price for the member we choose.

Adding a discount when selling a subscription.

At the time of choosing the payment, we can choose the option to add a discount:

Then we can set what the discount should be and select the option Save discount (if we want the gym member to have the discount assigned to his account).

Now, the gym member has a custom membership price assigned to his account, until:
the type of membership changes to a different one
the price is reseted directly in the member's edit section

If the discount is assigned to the member, each subsequent (same) membership that the member purchases himself (using online payment) will include the discount.
Changing the membership to a different one resets the price to a regular amount and the discount is cancelled.

Discount editing

At any time, you can change the membership price directly in the member's edit section.

Discount Codes

The above methods of changing the ticket price can be made by the reception only. The only way for a member to change the membership price is to use Discount codes.

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Updated on: 07/12/2023

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