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Online payments


Module: online payments
Choosing your payment provider
How much does it cost?
How it works
Dividing online payments

Module: Online payments

When a member can pay online, how much does it cost and why so expensive ;)

To turn on Online payments module, we need to go to Settings --> Modules.
When you enable it, a new Online payments tab will appear in the Settings. You can manage and configure online payments there:

Choosing your payment provider

In WodGuru, the available payment options are:

Espago (for recurring payments / credit and debit card payments)
Stripe (for recurring payments / credit and debit card payments)

The options above can be used simultaneously.

How much does it cost?

Unfortunately, we cannot avoid the online payments fee. You negotiate it with providers yourself. If you have not signed a contract with any of them yet, you will find an affiliate link in your account in the Settings> Online payments tab. 😊

How it works

When you enable online payments, every member whose membership expires will see an additional button that will let him buy another membership or extend his current membership for the next settlement period.

After clicking Buy membership the client will have similar screen view:

In the case above, the fee is covered by the member. When we click the button, we are redirected to the payment page.

When it's done, the member receives a notification about the successful transaction and it would be visible in:

Online payments tab
Transactions tab
Reporting center

Dividing payment for memberships

In WodGuru, we let you divide the payments for one time membership and the continuous membership. After you have at least 2 payment options, you will be able to choose where goes the payment for all of the continuous memberships and the one time memberships. You can keep them all together or seperate them.

Then in Settings > Memberships you will be able to see the button for the forced card payments:

Enabling this button will allow you to keep all of the subscriptions on one payments methods. 😊

💡 Good to know:

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Updated on: 22/11/2023

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