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Membership online sales

Membership online sales

Membership online sales is divided into two categories.

Sales for new members

The full configuration of membership payment for new members is described here:

Registration form for new members

Sales for existing members

If you have online payments enabled, each member can manage their own membership (with restrictions that you set up).

The full configuration of membership payment for members who already have accounts in your system is in Settings > Memberships section.

You can set up there:

Whether the club member can extend his subscription?
Whether the club member can change his/her pass to another one?
Whether the club member can choose this pass when he decides to change from a different one?

To make this easier to understand, let's simulate a few situations:

Example No. 1:

The club member registered at the club and chose the Free week pass. Now he would like to be smart and extend it in the application to get another 7 days for free. 😎 The following settings will not allow him to do so:

However, it will allow him to change this pass to another one and make a purchase 😉

Example No. 2:

We want the continuous membership (which is covered by a contract) called Promo pass, to be extendable and payable online. However, we do not have it in our offer anymore, so we do not want to make it available for sale to new club members, or to allow them to choose it when changing the membership to another for those who have not had it so far.

We set it up like this:

Example No. 3:

We offer a STUDENT membership, which we only sell in the club, e.g. after checking the ID card. We want students to be able to extend the membership online and have the option to change it for another. However, we do not want someone to be able to choose this membership when changing (e.g. to avoid the situation that someone who is not a student buys it 😉)

We set it up like this:

Example No. 4:

No online sales restrictions , i.e. we have a membership available to new club members, and in addition: we allow members to extend this pass, change it to another and choose it from the list when changing:

The first option is enabled in Settings > Integrations > Registration form for new members, and then, enable all options available, as you can see below: 🙂

Example No. 5:

No online options for a membership . We do not give access to this membership online: neither for new club members, nor when changing the membership to another one. We also do not want the club member to be able to extend it or replace it. Useful when we sell, for example, a one-time membership that is not included in the standard offer and we want to sell a different one next month (in the club) 😎

In fact, we don't have to set anything up here in the ONLINE SALES section. These settings are default when creating a new membership:

Any other variations are also available - adjust the sliders to your club offer. 😊

Updated on: 06/12/2023

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