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Discount codes

Discount codes

How to create discount codes and where a member can enter them.

Creating discount codes

To create/edit a discount code, we go to the Discount codes tab.

We click the Add new button and we will see:

Discount code: here we have to write the code that a member will enter to the system.
Discount type and amount: there are two options; percentage or a certain amount. For example 30% or 20 PLN.

General usage limit: how many times the code can be used
User usage limit: how many times the code can be used by one person
Expiration date: the code is valid until that date

Applicable for: here we have to set if the code can be used for all the memberships and products

Usage of discount codes

Discount codes can be entered during a purchase in:

Registration form for new members
Business card

You can configure all those places in the Integrations tab.

When the codes are created, we will see the option above during purchases.

When we click it and enter the discount code we will see:

Updated on: 24/08/2020

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