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How to issue an invoice

How to issue an invoice

Everything you need to know about invoicing.

1. When can I issue an invoice

In WodGuru, invoices can be issued for every transaction, for example:

extending membership
selling products

2. Who I can issue the invoice to

You can issue the invoice to every member that has invoice details added to his profile.
A member can add the invoice details to his profile himself, or you can do it by editing his profile.

3. How to add invoice details to the member's profile

There are two ways:

The member can add them himself in his app (My profile tab)
Invoice details can be added by gym crew. (Members -> Select the member -> Edit his profile)

4. How to issue the invoice for extending membership

When we extend membership to a member with invoice details added, in the end, we will see:

We just have to click the invoice button.

5. How to issue an invoice for selling a product

It this case, it looks similar. We have to remember to choose a member who we sell the product to.

The cart before we choose the buyer:

After we choose the buyer:

Now we have to choose a payment method. In the end, we will see:

We click Invoice.

6. How to find the invoice that was already created?

When you click the invoice button, an email with the invoice is sent to the member.

To download the invoice, you have to go to the Transactions tab. You have to find the transaction and click the settings:

There is an option to download the invoice.

7. What the sale was already registered but:

I forgot about the invoice
The member didn't have invoice details added
anything else

As long as the member is assigned to the transaction, you can easily add the invoice details and generate the invoice later, like this:

Updated on: 23/08/2020

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