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Creating memberships


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Creating memberships

Everything you need to know about creating memberships.

Memberships are an important part of the puzzle. A membership describes the condition of a member at your gym. It informs how many days he can go to classes or how many classes are available for him.

Information about the validity of membership can be found in many places at your version of WodGuru as well as in the member's app.

You can manage memberships at Memberships tab.
On that page, you can create, delete, and edit all of the memberships available at your gym.

Created memberships are the basis for sale in your club. If you use online payments, here you can find out how the gym member can buy his own membership.

Types of memberships

In WodGuru, we have two types of memberships:

Time based

We define for how much time a member has access to classes from the moment of purchasing a membership.

Example: monthly membership. You buy the membership on 14th Aprill and you have access by 13th May inclusive.

Session based

In this case, access to the gym is determined by the number of classes a member can sign up for. Additionally, we can limit the validity of a membership to a specific time.

Example: membership for 4 entries valid for one month. After buying such membership, a member can sign up for 4 classes within one month from the purchase.

IMPORTANT: Entries available an the membership are collected at the time of signups for classes. In case of a sign out from the class, the entry will be returned to the membership.

Creating a membership

To create a new membership, we have to click the "Add new membership" button in the Settings > Memberships tab.

Basic info:

Name - the name of the membership

Price and VAT - Gross price and VAT

Membership type - we can choose whether the membership will be time based or session based.

time based - we choose the length of the pass:

e.g. 1 month / 28 days / 3 months

session based - we choose how many trainings a gym member can sign up for with this membership:

e.g. 4 sessions per 1 Month / 8 sessions without time limit etc.

Entries are automatically counted while signing up for the classes. In case of sign out from classes, the entry comes back to the member's account.

Advanced settings:

1. "When current membership expiration date is not over yet, new membership starts from:"

Option available only for session based memberships with a specific time limit

Let me explain it with George as an example:

On September 25, George buys a pass for 8 entries to be used in 1 month. So it has 8 entrances by 24.10. Due to the fact that he used the whole pass faster and jumped out of the entrances, he buys another pass for 8 entrances already on 10.10.
- the new pass starts from Purchase day - George's new pass will last a month from the date of purchase, i.e. (10.10 - 9.11)
- the new pass starts from Current pass expiration date - George's new pass will last a month from the date of the end of the pass, i.e. (25.10 - 24.11)

2. Pass extension rules

Option available only for memberships with a specific time limit

Detailed explanation of membership extension rules, such as:
Continuous memberships
From the first day of the month
Membership covered by the contract

you will find here: Continuous membership (contract) and membership cancellation

Pass limitations:

Access to - We can determine which classes the membership gives access to. By default, the membership gives access to all of the classes. However, we can define specific classes that members will see in his app.

Example: Membership for kids should give access only to classes for kids.
Example 2: Membership for advanced can give access to some additional classes which not advanced member won't see.

Signups period - defines how many days before a class we allow members to sign up to it.

Weekly signups limit - the option of limiting the number of signups per week.

Example: Membership with the possibility to sign up for classes only twice a week.

Daily signups limit - the option of limiting the number of signups per day.

Block signups based on wallet state - We can decide what is minimum wallet state required to sign up.

Minimum membership start date (presales) - if enabled, we set minimum start date for the specific membership, so the membership doesn't start right after the purchase.

Editing memberships

Each membership can be edited by clicking on the pencil next to a specific membership in the Membership tab.

We must remember that when the membership is already assigned to a gym member, we can no longer change its type. In other words, we can't change the time based membership to be a session based membership and vice versa.

Updated on: 01/12/2023

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