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How to remove an added membership?

How to remove an added membership?

If you add an incorrect membership to the WodGuru gym member by mystake, you can easily delete it and add the correct one.

Search for this gym member

Next to each person's profile, there are three dots that allow you to manage gym members' accounts.

After clicking, the following menu expands:

We will use this menu when adding a wrong subscription to the gym member's account in WodGuru.

To remove the pass, follow these steps:**

Search for a gym member, then click the three dots next to the profile. From the drop-down menu, select Change into guest

Change into guest

The gym member's account has been changed to the guest account and at the same time the added membership has been removed. If you want to add a new membership for this member, click the arrow next to the three dots.

After clicking the arrow you will be able to choose a new membership.

Select the membership from the drop-down list and complete the transaction.

Updated on: 01/12/2023

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