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Extending/selling memberships

How to extend the membership?

At WodGuru, a membership can be extended in several ways. We will talk about them below.

1. How to extend the membership in WodGuru, as a staff member?

To extend the membership for a gym member, use the watch icon.
You can find the watch icon, e.g. in the Reports > Clients tab (on the right), in the athlete's profile and when editing athlete's account.

After hitting the watch icon, a window will appear, and you will see info about the last membership and proposed values for the new one, i.e.:

Type of membership
Number of sessions (if the membership is session based)
InstaLlment number (if the membership is covered by the contract)
Expiration date

The system suggests data in accordance with the settings of a given type of membership.
Each of the elements can be modified at this point to meet your needs. When everything is correct, click EXTEND.

The next window that will appear will allow you to choose a method of payment:

Wire (if you manually book your bank transfers)
Will pay later - when you need to defer that payment
No payment, i.e. when you give a free month (option available only from the owner's account)

At this point, you can also give the gym member a discount.
You can read more about discounts here: How to add a discount to a membership

All the membership elements together with its price (and discounts) can also be edited during its validity. To do this, go to the edition of the gym member's account (pencil) and find the "athlete membership" section:

2. How to extend the membership as a gym member?

We have described this process in detail here: How to make online payments in your club app

You can use this link in your email campaigns with your members to show them how to use the app 🙂

3. How does the membership extension work for recurring payments?

You can read about recurring payments here: Recurring payments

Recurring payments are a great convenience that automates most of the work related to membership sales.

We wrote about membership payment links here: Membership payment link

You can also read: How to remove an added membership?

Updated on: 20/07/2023

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