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Absences - when is the session charged and when is it not?

In WodGuru, the session from the membership is charged immediately when SIGNING UP for a selected class / training.
Changing status from present to absent doesn't change anything. This session is still assigned to that class and does not return to the gym member's account. If you want the session to be returned to the member's account in the event of absence, you must click "unsubscribe" each time.

Unsubscribe from class

If you want people who do not come to classes / trainings and do not cancel their booking in advance, to bear some responsibility but you do not want to charge them with the subscription, see Absence fees. You will find them in the Classes and signups section.

Absence fee

CONCLUSION: Unclicking on the "present" button does not return session to the pass. Sessions are returned to the membership at the time of SIGNING OUT from the class.
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