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How WodGuru looks form a member's perspective?

How WodGuru looks like form member's perspective

Bellow, we will see how the registration and account activation process looks like for members.

After you register a new member at your gym, a few things happen:

A welcome email with an activation link is sent:

The logo and the name visible in the email would be your gym name and your logo.

At the same time, another personalized email can be sent. You can create it in the Communication tab --> Emails (Say hi to new members)

After clicking the activation link, we are redirected to the page where we can set the password. It looks like this:

When we set up our new password and confirm it, our account will be activated. A page where we can log in will automatically appear:
(it is the same login screen as owners and coaches have)

After successful activation, we will receive a confirmation email.

After logging into the account, we will see:

We will find there information such as:

reminders about the ending of membership
schedule with the possibility of sign up for classes
reminders about upcoming classes
gym announcements
possibility to extend the membership and pay for it (when online payments are turned on)

In the side menu, you will find a few other options:

After installing the app on a phone your members will see the app with the name and logo of your gym:

You may also check our tutorials for members here: Athletes' help

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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