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Integration with a gym card reader


How does it work?
What will you need
List of card readers supported by the system
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Integration with a gym card reader

The most important information on connecting the gym card reader to the system.

How does it work?

An integration with a gym card reader allows us to manage people entering the gym more easily. We can do such integration at any time when using the system. In practice, it works very simply:

After reading the card of the person entering the gym, the profile of the card's owner will be displayed on your computer screen.

A cardholder profile

What will you need?

A CARD READER - you can choose from:
a) barcode reader - in order to scan a card, the code on the card must be properly placed under the reader,
b) proximity (UNIQUE) - to scan the card, hold it close to the reader.

CARDS, but some readers can read codes directly from the smartphone screen (the QR code is displayed in the WodGuru application). In this case printing cards can be skipped. Read more here: QR codes
We do not print cards. You can easily find it online and in most cities.

We always suggest to implement the reader only when the number of gym members increases. This helps you to avoid extra costs when you're still developing your club.

TIP: We encourage you to charge a deposit for the card to the gym member. For example, a new gym member pays 5 EUR deposit for a card. If the card is lost, 5 EUR is forfeited. If the gym member stops using your services and returns the card, you give 5 EUR back.

We support following card readers:

Honeywell 1250G Voyager
Honeywell MS9520
Honeywell 1470g (the ability to read the QR code from the smartphone)
Zebra DS2200 (the ability to read the QR code from the smartphone)
Zebra DS9208 (the ability to read the QR code from the smartphone)
Zebra DS9308 (the ability to read the QR code from the smartphone)

We support readers used in other available gym management systems, hence there will be no problem with the hardware if you change the system to WodGuru.

Reader installation:

We make an appointment for a specific date, when you have both the cards and the reader at your gym and then we install the reader remotely. To operate the reader, you need a computer with Windows / MacOS and a stable internet.

Updated on: 06/12/2023

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