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QR codes

QR codes

In WodGuru, you have the option of using the QR code available in the gym member's application, just like a classic proximity / barcode card.

Advantages of QR codes:

Your gym members do not need to carry the card with them 😉
You can save a lot of money by not printing cards 😎

All you need is a suitable reader. List of currently supported readers that support QR codes:

Honeywell 1470g
Zebra DS2208
Zebra DS9208
Zebra DS9308

If you haven't used the reader before, we need to configure it first. Integration with a gym card reader

How do QR codes work in WodGuru?

The gym member, entering the club, opens the application and shows you his QR code, which you scan with the reader.
The gym member's profile appears on the screen of your computer - everything works in the same way as with the classic cards. How to use the gym card reader

QR code in a gym member's app

If you already have a suitable reader and want to use QR codes, let us know by chat so that we can enable this option for you 😊

Integration with a gym card reader
Why the gym card reader doesn't work

Where else can QR codes be useful?

QR codes are also needed when you use the Automated Reception module. In this case, for the tablet to recognize the club member, he must show his QR code to the camera. You can read more about the Automated Reception here:
POS - Automated reception

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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