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POS - Automated reception

This article is under construction, WodGuru POS App is currently in early tests phase.

POS - Automated reception is an app that you can run on a tablet in your gym. It automates the work of reception. With this app, your gym members can: register a new account, scan their gym card, check the status of their membership, pay for the membership, sign up for classes and many more (some of these functions are under construction).

1 . What do you need to use automated reception?

POS requires a tablet. Preferably a bit bigger - say, from 10'' upwards.
Optionally, you can also invest in a stand to make it more comfortable - it's totally up to you 😉

2. How to enable and configure automated reception?

Go to Settings > Modules and enable the "POS - Automated Reception" module

You will see a link there. Use it on your tablet and add it to home screen. (Read: How to install WodGuru mobile app)

WodGuru POS

Contact us via chat to enable QR codes. (Read: QR codes)

3. How does the automated reception work?

After installing POS app on a tablet, you can automate the work of the reception desk and let your gym members handle themselves.

POS app home screen:

Home Screen

Scanning QR codes from the gym member's app:

QR Code Scan

View after reading the QR code:

If the member's membership has expired, he will see information that he should extend it in the app:

Membership expired

If a gym member has a valid membership card and is signed up for classes, the following view will be displayed:

If the club member is not signed up for any classes on that day, he will see the following information:

No signups

After clicking the "SIGN UP" button, the system will show the trainings available on that day:

Sign up for classes

The gym member can choose trainings with available spots. After signing up, he will see this screen:

Successful sign up

What other automated reception features would be important to you?

POS module - Automated reception is just being created. Therefore, be sure to let us know (via chat) what else would be helpful in it! 💪

Updated on: 21/06/2023

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