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Payments for WodGuru


Limited version
Account unlock and free month

What is the facility's path from registration to the first invoice

Here you will get to know, what is the road from limited to unlimited verson of WodGuru

Limited version

Immediately after registering in the system, your account is in a limited version , which guarantees you no payments at all. You have the possibility to test the system in a limited version with no time limit.

Limited version means that you cannot add more than 10 members to the system.

Account unlock and free month

Once you have made sure that the system works for you, you can go one step further and remove the restrictions from your account.

Just click on the UNLOCK WODGURU button:

The system will ask you to complete the invoice data and will set a day on which the invoice will be generated every month. The first invoice will be generated one month after the account is unlocked.

All information about already generated or upcoming invoices can be found in the Settings > Payments & invoices tab


If you have your credit card connected to the system (you can do it in the Settings > Payments & invoices tab, the system will automatically charge it and generate a VAT invoice for you.

If you do not have credit card in the system, the system will generate a proforma for you. Only when it is paid, the system will generate a VAT invoice.

Both the proforma and the VAT invoice are available in the Settings > Payments & invoices tab and we send them to you by e-mail.


The amount on the invoice is counted at the time of generating it - based on the number of facility members.

We count all active members. It means that:
we do not count guest accounts and deactivated accounts
we do count people whose memberships have expired, but who can log in to their account.

Our price list is available on our website: WodGuru Pricing

You can find a forecast of this amount in the Settings > Payments & invoices tab.

Updated on: 30/11/2023

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