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How to configure a new WodGuru account


Welcome to WodGuru!
Most important
Boring part of the job
Registration of members and a mobile app
Online Payment
Integration with your website / facebook
Integration with hardware - card reader / receipt printer
What's next?

Configuration of a new WodGuru, step by step.

Welcome to WodGuru ❤️
Even though our system is known to be very easy to use, you may feel a little overwhelmed at first.
It's pretty normal when we learn something new This article will help you understand how the system works and learn about its most important functionalities.

The most important

Remember that in case of any questions:

Check the help center (top right corner of the system), you will find tons of articles (like this one) on all nooks and crannies of the system.

For example, you wonder how to create a new class in your schedule, click on the help section, enter "Classes" and everything becomes simple

Write us on chat (lower right corner of the system), here:

Call us (you will find our phone number in the e-mails sent after account registration),

Don't worry . To make sure that WodGuru meets your needs, you have to rummage around, play with the system, not to be afraid of clicking something wrong. If anything, we will always be able to fix everything :)


Initially, your WodGuru is in a limited version. In other words, you won't see any invoice from us until you have everything ready and you are serious about using the system.

When you start using it for real, you have one month for free. We think it's pretty cool

More information about payments for WodGuru


It is worth starting with adapting WodGuru to your needs. Go to the Settings > Modules tab (the Settings button on the top bar, then the Modules tab in the left menu)

You will find there a list of all modules that you can switch on and off. There are also links to the help section, where you can find all the information about them.

Enable those which can be useful for you, remembering that you can always change it

Boring part of the job

Unfortunately, memberships and schedules will not implement themselves. You have links to articles that will explain how to create them below.

Creating recurring classes
Creating memberships

Registration of members and a mobile app

How to register a new club member
How to install WodGuru mobile app
How WodGuru looks like from member's perspective

We reccommend creating a test member's account (using your e-mail, other than the one you already used to register your facility). This will help you to stand in the member's shoes and see what possibilities our mobile app has to offer.
Importing your members to WodGuru : If you already have your members' database, we can help you transfer it to WodGuru.

Online payments

WodGuru very efficiently handles online payments for memberships. According to us, it makes no sense not to use it

You can read more here:
Online payments
Membership online sales

Integration with your website / facebook

There are several elements that you can attach to your website or Facebook fanpage. All of them can be found in the Settings > Integrations tab.

Gym's public schedule
Registration form for new members
Registration form for new guests

Integration with hardware (card reader / receipt printer)

The hardware makes your work easier, but is not required for its proper functioning.

Integration with the gym card reader

After scanning the gym member's card / QR code, member's profile will appear on the computer screen.

Integration with a receipt printer

If you are interested in integrating your WodGuru with a receipt printer, please contact us first. We will need to check if your printer is supported by WodGuru.

What's next?

There are still quite a few things that you probably haven't seen. But take it easy - too much at once is also not good.
I would stop here, take a breath, see how everything works now.

And when you are ready, we will go on

Articles worth reading:
Automations of sending emails and SMS messages
Sending emails
Sending SMS messages
Ambassador program
Discount codes
How to issue an invoice

Join our group on FB
See our WodGuru development plans
Add your idea for a new functionality

and the WodGuru Team ❤

Updated on: 30/11/2023

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