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Automation of sending email and SMS messages

Automation of sending email and SMS messages.

WodGuru allows you to fully automate the messages that you send.
In the Communication > Automations tab, we can create scenarios which can be implemented by the system for you.

Each automation consists of two elements: WHEN and WHAT to be sent, i.e.:

Send an email immediately after registering the member,
Send an Email 7 days after the membership expires,
Send an SMS 30 days after the last visit at the gym (SMSes must be enabled)

automations list

To create a new automation, click the Add automation button. We must:

Define how many days after / before the event the system will send the message,
Choose what the event is about (facility member registration / product purchase / membership expiration etc.). Here you can find events available in automations.
Create the content of the email/SMS message.

creating an automation

Updated on: 05/12/2023

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