What are WodGuru announcements and how to use them.

Announcements are simple messages you can share with all your members. They will pop up in visible places on their apps.

Directly from your WodGuru dashboard, you can create them in the announcements tab.

It is super simple, once you have to say something to your users, write about an upcoming event, some discounts, changes in your gym, then:

Create a new announcement with the proper message,
Define till when it should be visible in your members' app,
Save it!


Once saved, your members will see:

What else you need to know:

On 19.05.2019 (in this example case) this announcement will automatically disappear,
By clicking on the eye icon, you can hide the announcement from your members

You can add as many announcements as you want. Your members will be able to view them all.

Don't have any ideas for your announcement? Write how much you love your members or that WodGuru is simply the best gym management software. ;)
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