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Turning on SMS module
Types of SMS
Sending SMS

Module: SMS

See how to turn on and send SMS to your members.

WodGuru is integrated with the SerwerSMS system. To send text messages, at first you need to create an account on that website and connect it with your WodGuru panel. Our system only acts as an intermediary in sending text messages, settlements and settings are made directly with the SerwerSMS service.

Turning on SMS module

As with other modules, you can turn it on in the Settings --> Modules.


After turning it on, in the Communication, you will see a new SMS tab

To connect your WodGuru account with SerwerSMS account, you need to register here:
(You can switch language to English in the bottom right corner of the website)

After creating the account and login on WodGuru using it, connection status will change, and we will have access to:

Limits: we can see how many SMS can we send
Settings: we can choose the type of SMS we want to send

Types of SMS

There are two types of SMS:

ECO - cheaper, without special characters, sent from a random number - it is not possible to edit the sender name
FULL - more expensive, with special characters, you can edit the sender name

You can edit the sender number on SerwerSMS website:


SMS pricing can be found in the SMS tab at WodGuru

You can get discounted prices for SMS if you contact SerwerSMS customer helpdesk and let them know that you are WodGuru customers:

Sending SMS

Everywhere where is the option "Send a message", you will be able to choose email or SMS.

Sending a message looks like this:

Updated on: 05/12/2023

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