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ToDo List

ToDo List

WodGuru allows you to create and manage a to-do list.
We can create tasks automatically and manually.
You switch a todo list in Settings > modules. Once enabled, you will find it in the main view:

If your coworkers do not have full access to the system, you need to go to Settings > Crew tab and enable ToDo List for them.


In the Communication > Automations tab, you can create scenarios that the system will implement for you. It works the same way as in Automation of sending email and SMS messages:

Create each automation like this: set WHEN and WHAT to be included in the todo list. In addition, give a task a name, for example:

Create a task (e.g. "Call a club member to say 'Hi!'") immediately after a registration,
Create a task (e.g. "Arrange a free consultation") 30 days after a registration,
Create a task (eg: "Offer a birthday coffee") on the club member's birthday.

When an action to which the automation is created occurs, a new task will be added to the todo list and you will be notified by seeing this:

new task

The task will not be assigned to a specific staff member and will not have a scheduled execution date - you can set these things manually.

The red notification appears when the task is incomplete and additionally: it is either not assigned to any operator or it is assigned to a person who is logged in.
So: each staff member can see it differently and that's ok 😉


Enter the todo list:

empty list

Add a new task:

new task

The task is now on the list and you can always add a comment, edit or delete it (dots in the upper right corner).

After completing the task, click on the circle and close it. The task drops to the bottom of the list, to the COMPLETED section

As you can see, the list can be useful both for CRM, i.e. maintaining relationships with club members, and for ongoing work planning.

Updated on: 05/12/2023

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