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Signups for classes

How signups for classes work at WodGuru

Everything you need to understand about classes signups in our system. Who can sign up, how to sign up and sign out.


To start signing up gym members for classes, at first we need to create a schedule with classes.

How to create a schedule, you can read here: Creating recurring classes

How to sign up for classes

There are several ways to sign up a gym member for classes.

Members sign up themselves

The simplest of the options available: a gym member logs into his app and signs up for classes.

Look up here: How to register a new member
And here: How WodGuru looks form a member's perspective?

We recommend that you create a test gym member's account and see how WodGuru works from their perspective.
We can define which classes a member has access to by editing memberships. Read more here: Creating memberships

We sign up members for classes

Going to Schedule and clicking on specific classes, we will see the attendance list. This is where we can sign up or out our gym members.

Automated Signups

If a gym member attends a specific class frequently, you can use WodGuru to automatically sign this member up.

Automated singing up for classes


In the Settings > Classes and signups tab you will find all the settings related to signups for classes:

Updated on: 05/12/2023

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