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1. How it works

All the classes in WodGuru have attached signups limit. By default, once limit is reached members can't sign anymore. However after enabling Waitlist - once singups limit is reached, members can sign up on classes waitlist.

When any signed member from the class main list will sign out. First member from waitlist will jump into main list instead of this person. We will also send proper notifications about such switch.

2. How to enable

You can enable Waitlist, by going into Classes and signups tab. Look for "Signups settings".

3. Member notifications

By default, WodGuru sends email with the information that member was signed from waitlist to main list. However once SMS messages are configured and active, we can send an additional SMS message.

Read how to configure SMSes.

ATTENTION! In order to easily jump from the waitlist to the main list, an active membership is required. Otherwise, the system will remove this person from the lists and add the following one from the waitlist to the classes.
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