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Why a member does not see classes in the schedule?


What does it do?
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How else can you hide classes from your members?

Why a member does not see classes in the schedule?

How to fix the visibility of classes? How to add new classes to an existing membership?

Each membership may (but does not have to) be assigned to a specific type of class.

What does it do?

If you choose this option, the club member will see only the classes on the schedule that his membership allows him to. You can decide on it by editing given membership here: Settings > Memberships

There are two possibilities:

The pass gives access to all classes
The pass gives access to selected classes


If there are new classes in your gym, and there is already a pass with access to selected classes, then in order for the new classes to be visible, you need to update the information in the settings of this particular membership.

How to do it?

Edit a membership (Settings > Memberships > click a pencil on the right)
Add new classes to the selection by checking the appropriate box
Save the changes

Having this done, your club members will see all the activities you want them to see on their schedules 😉

How else can you hide classes from your members?

The second way to hide classes from gym members is to select the "Not visible in the schedule" option when editing a specific one-time or recurring classes (in the Settings > Classes and signups tab). Regardless of the membership = access to classes corelation, which we wrote about above, specific classes can be hidden from gym members.

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Updated on: 01/12/2023

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