Automated sing up for classes
Sometimes we want to assign a permanent place in the classes to a member. Usually, when you organize some courses at your gym.

First, we have to find what type of classes have automated sign ups turned on.

We go to the Programs tab, we can check which classes have "Automated sign-ups" turned on by creating or editing them. We turn it on and click save.

Singing up a member for the classes with turned on "Automated sign-ups" option.

To sign up the member for classes we go to the Schedule tab and click the selected classes. Then we click the Sign in member button.

After signing up a member for the classes, with turned on automated sign ups option we will see:

After clicking Yes, please, the member will be enrolled for Kettlebells classes on a specific day and time until the end of his membership. We will see confirmation of sign up:

From now on, each time we extend his membership, he will be signed up for kettlebell classes for the next settlement period.

We can edit automated sign-ups for the member at the bottom of his profile:

In the case above, the member is enrolled for selected classes each time he extends his membership.

We can delete automated sign-ups for a specific member by clicking "X" on the chosen class.
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