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Automatic payment reminders


Events related to reminding your gym members about payments
Membership expiration
Expected membership payments
Failed recurring payments
All sessions used
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Automatic payment reminders

In WodGuru, you can automatically send emails and SMS messages, and automatically create tasks for your team. To create an automation, we use various events.

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The most important events related to reminding your gym members about payments are:

Membership expiration
Expected membership payment
Failed recurring payment
All sessions used

In this article, we will focus on the rules for using those events.

Membership expiration

We use this event for:

continuous memberships without installments
continuous memberships with the last installment
non-continuous mamberships

We don't use it for:

continuous memberships that have installments and these installments have not yet ended

Example: Continuous membership, installment 6/10 - the automation with the "Membership expiration" event will not work, in this case the event "Expected membership payment" should be used).

Expected membership payment

We use for all continuous memberships (with and without installments)
We can schedule this event BEFORE or AFTER

Example: we use this event as a reminder about the upcoming payment for a continuous membership (BEFORE) or information that someone has not paid for a membership, but should have X days ago (AFTER).

If the membership is continuous and there are installments in it, then the automation with the event "Expected membership payment" will stop with the last installment - because the next payment is no longer expected 😉)

Failed recurring payment

Applies to continuous memberships where the form of payment is recurring card charge.

Example: After a failed recurring (card) payment, we can schedule an automation to check what's going on 😉

All sessions used

Automation that will allow you to find gym members who have used their last session in the membership on a given day.
The system sends this automatic message around 9.00pm.

Example: we set the automation by using the event "All sessions used" for 1 days AFTER. Whoever used the last session today, will get a message tomorrow.

Useful tip 😎

All events can be used to send emails and SMS, but not only.

We also use them to generate tasks for the task list - e.g. for a person from the reception to call a gym member whose card payment has been rejected.

It is then worth checking in the Settings > Onine payments tab what was the reason for rejecting the transaction.

Updated on: 05/12/2023

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