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How to create a Webhook?
Events in WodGuru to which you can use Webhooks
How to manage Webhooks


In WodGuru you can use webhooks that support various events in the system.

With webhooks, you can pass the information on, outside of WodGuru (e.g. to or any other service that deals with integrations) to trigger some action.

How to create a webhook?

Go to the Communication > Webhooks tab and click ADD.
A window will appear:

Enter webhook name
Enter webhook URL (download it from where the events will be sent - e.g.
Select the event it should apply to.

Events in WodGuru to which we can use webhooks are:

Guest registration by crew
Athlete registration by crew
Guest registration
Athlete registration
User paid for membership
User paid online for membership

How to manage webhooks?

After creating the webhook, it will appear in the list:

You can test it, edit, see logs, pause or delete it.

The entire history of events (LOGS) will appear in the upper right corner.

Updated on: 05/12/2023

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