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Selling workouts plans

Selling workouts plans

Read what you need to do to prepare your account for the sale of workouts plans.

Creating training plans

This part has been described here: Module: Workout programming.

When our workout plans are ready, we can start selling them.

Online payments configuration

We have to make sure that online payments are configured properly, you can find moreinformation here.

Creating memberships

The next step would be to create memberships (packages): Creating memberships

At this point, you need to set a price and for how long a package will give access to the workouts you create.

Sharing workouts with members

When our packages are ready, we have to allow our members to but it. There are two options for new members:

The basic option is a registration form with buying a package, described here.
A more interesting option is a landing page "business card" of a coach. You need to contact us to configure it.

Members who already bought packages will manage them (extend/change) directly from their app.

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Updated on: 23/08/2020

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