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Workout programming


Turning on workout programming
Programs configuration
Workouts programming
From a member's perspective

Module: Workout programming

Learn how to program workouts for your members and what are the options for viewing and adding workouts results.

Turning on workout programming

As with other modules, you can turn it on in the Modules tab.

Programs configuration

The next step would be to properly set the types of programs for which you want to program workouts. We go to the Programs tab.

We set the proper options for the classes we want to add workouts programming:

Workouts programming: Enabled

Release type: When the workout should be visible for members in their apps. There are several options:

Open - all of the workouts are always visible for all of your members.
Daily - workouts are published daily. A member can see today's workout but can't see the workout that would be tomorrow.
Weekly - Programming is done week by week. A member gets access to all the next week every Sunday.
When done - Workouts are hidden by default. A member sees the workout only after its completion. In case of not participating in the classes, the workout is shown after the end of all classes on a given day.

To add results, the athlete has to be present on classes - by default results of workout can be added only when a member was signed up for classes. If you disable this option, it won't be necessary to be signed up for classes, anyone can add their results.

Workouts programming

Now all the fun begins. In the Workouts tab, we can create workouts for our members.

It looks like this when it's empty:

We click the plus icon to create a new workout.

We select the training program, workout name (it is the date by default), and the workout date. We save everything.

Now we will create workout components. Training can be divided for many components eg. warm-up, strength training, cool down.

Let's start with creating a warm-up component:

We write the content of the workout. We can put there a link to a YouTube video.

We choose score measure, in this case, it would be no measure, because we don't want to see results from this component. We could also choose a time, so every member would be able to show how much time it took him to eg. finish 10 laps of running around the gym.

We'll also put the second component, in this case, Weightlifting, to give a possibility for the members to add a score

We choose the Weightlifting, and choose the exact exercises we want: in this example Bench Press.

And then we add the Measure schema.

Once it's done, we save everything 😊

In the upper right corner of each workout we will see few options; edit, delete, and display leaderboard.

From a member's perspective

Now we will see how it looks from a member's perspective.

The member can see the workout and the possibility of adding his results. When he clicks the Add results he will see:

When results are added, we can see the leaderboard of the workout:

All of the member's workouts are available in the My workouts tab.

Updated on: 06/12/2023

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