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Adding videos to workouts

Adding videos to workouts

How to add a video / live stream from YouTube, Vimeo, or other platforms to your workouts.

Placing a video

(How to create a new workout?)

It's quite simple. We have to put a link/code to the video in the workout description:

A member will see it like this:

Note: the link/code should be in a new line

Like this:

Workout content
Workout content

And not like this::

Workout content
Workout content

Available platforms

For live streams you can use any platform, the most popular are:

YouTube (In my opinion the best/the easiest for the beginning)

easy to use
live stream available
live streaming from the phone only when you have 1000 subscribers on your channel. If not, only from a computer.
a link to videos/live streams is not protected and can be seen by anyone


You can limit viewing video/live stream only to WodGuru - it can't be seen from any other places, a member can't share it with friends
Live stream is expensive - you need a premium subscription for a year, there is no possibility to buy it for a month

Facebook live

A popular option is live streams on Facebook, but we can't integrate it with WodGuru, because live streams can't be "pulled" from Facebook.

A solution may be inviting members to a Facebook group where we will share our live streams. In this case, we have to remember about revoking their access when their membership expires, which can be inconvenient.

Easy, free live stream
Cannot integrate with WodGuru, lots of manual work


Zoom is a cool option for one on one sessions or meetings in small groups. Zoom also doesn't let to add the player directly to WodGuru, but you can share the link, so a member can easily join the meeting.

Free (but not sure if there are any limits)
Allows the coach to interact with members
Doesn't work well for a bigger groups
You can't insert the player into WodGuru, you can only share a link to the meeting

Updated on: 30/08/2020

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