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Open Gym module


What is Open Gym module and how it works?
How to enable Open Gym module?
How to sign up a member for Open Gym?
Where to check signups history?

Open Gym module

In a situation where a club member does not attend group classes, but only, for example, the gym, the Open Gym module allows you to manage sessions in the session-based memberships. It also allows you to track your gym member's training history.

How to enable Open Gym module?

Go to Settings > Modules and enable the module with the slider on the right.
After enabling, the module icon will appear:

In the upper right corner of the system:

In the member's profile:

How to sign up a member for an Open Gym?

If someone enters the club, you can register his entry by:

Searching for him in members' database (e.g. when someone didn't bring the gym card):

By clicking the button in a member's profile (e.g. after reading the card):

Where to check signups history?

Registration for the Open Zone is treated as registration for classes, so you can find them:

In the member's classes history:

In logs (for session-based memberships):

In summary, Open Gym module is:

a type of "classes" that are not visible in the club schedule
a perfect solution for members with a session-based membership, who do not attend classes
the ability to monitor the attendance of club members outside of group classes

Updated on: 30/11/2023

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