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You can find everything you need to know about the Programs tab here.
What is it and what is it for? How do we create a new program (type of class) and what are the options available?

In Programs we define what classes we have to offer. We need to start with this, so that we can build a schedule later.

Creating a new program

We create new programs in: Settings > Programs We can define here:

1. Basic info, which are:

Name of the class
Background color
Whether we want to enable Automated singing up for classes or not

2. Programming workouts

Whether we want to enable Workout programming for this class or not

3. Public schedule settings (What is Gym's public schedule)?)

Description of the class

We start with the button: ADD NEW in the upper right corner of the Programs tab. Then we complete the fields.

Having this done, click SAVE. Voila!

After providing an image and description to the class, the "Show more" button will appear in this particular class type in the public schedule, .

After clicking on it, it will display the following view:

If we do not provide the image and description to the class, then after hovering over the class in the public schedule, we will go directly to signup.

Having created Programs, we can move on to creating a schedule. How to do it, you can read here:

Recurring classes
One-time classes (events)

Updated on: 05/11/2021

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