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How to sell single tickets?


Single tickets sold as memberships
How to change guest account into an athlete account
Single tickets sold as bar products

How to sell single tickets?

There are two ways to do this. You can sell it as a membership or as a bar product.

Single tickets sold as memberships

If there are people in your gym who actively return to trainings, but prefer to use tickets rather than memberships, it is best to sell them one-day memberships (with 1 session or without a limit of sessions, valid for 1 day - depending on what you prefer).

Then, each time the gym member wants to sign up for classes, he or she will have to extend that one-day membership (in other words, to buy another single ticket).

In order for a customer to be able to log in to their account and sign up for classes, they must be a gym member (i.e. they must have an assigned membership). See: Member's account types

And even if members don't extend memberships online and signs up for classes (because your settings allow them to do so), you will see on the list of a class that this account is highlighted in red (because the membership does not have a current date).

Remember to specify in the settings of this membership that it should be valid from the date of purchase (this is the case with session-based memberships with a time limit). And it cannot be a continuous membership. You can find more about the rules for creating memberships here: Creating memberships

How to change a guest account into an athlete account (to give the customer access to log in)?

If someone has previously had a guest account and wants to buy a single ticket as a membership (and thus turn into a gym member), you need one of the two following actions:

you need to assign/sell a single ticket using the arrow next to the guest's name:

Changing a guest into an athlete

the customer must register an account on his own via club members registration form and buy a membership online, providing the same e-mail address used in his guest account when purchasing.

You can read more about selling memberships online here: Membership online sales

Single tickets sold as bar products

This is an option that may be useful for people who want to use an additional entry once, and at the same time already have a membership and do not want to create a sub-account for that one day (You can read more about subaccounts here: Subaccounts )

In other words: someone has a m, embership but wants to use a service not included the membership. once.
You sell him a single ticket at the bar and that's it.

In this situation, most likely the membership settings of this person will not allow his account to join the classes for which he is purchasing a single ticket. You have to sign the person up yourself :)

To find out how to use the bar module, read here: Bar

Updated on: 06/12/2023

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