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How to switch between your accounts in gyms that use WodGuru?

How to switch between your accounts in gyms that use WodGuru?

Many gyms use WodGuru and it may happen that you have accounts in more than one of them 😊 That's great!

When can I switch between WodGuru accounts?

If you have accounts in more than 1 gym that uses WodGuru (with the same e-mail address), you can switch between them without logging in/out.

You don't have to activate the account in every new gym - Your account is active from the moment of the first activation, in your first gym 💪

How to switch between gyms?

In the upper right corner you will find your avatar / your photo.

Click on it - a list of gyms in which you have your account (with the same e-mail) will appear.

To switch, just select a gym from the list and that's it! You go to the appropriate account in one sec 😉

NOTE: If you have been using different e-mail addresses in different gyms, it is not possible to unify the e-mail at this point. In this case, if you want to switch between accounts without logging in/out, you need to register a new account in any of the gyms by filling the e-mail address that you will use from now on, at the moment of registration (you cannot complete this later).

Updated on: 02/03/2023

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