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How to sign up for classes

How to sign up for classes?

After you've activated your club account, it's time to sign up for classes .

How to log into your account?
Use this link: You can do it from any device - your phone, tablet or a computer.

Your e-mail address provided during registration is your app login.
If you forgot your password, you will find a reset button at the bottom.

After logging in, you will see the schedule for the current day. To choose a different day, use arrows.


In your app, you can easily:

Sign up for classes
Unsubscribe from classes
Check who else is going to attend a class
Check how many people are signed up for a workout and how many spots are left

You will always find all your reservations in "My signups" tab.


If the limit of a class has been reached and your club uses waitlists, the process of signing up looks like this:

The number below the "chair" indicates your place in a queue 😉
Remember: if your membership has expired, the system will not be able to sign you up from waitlist.

If you want to install the phone application remember to use the appropriate browser:
Chrome for Android
Safari for iOS

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Updated on: 08/07/2022

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