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How to earn money by recommending your club


What is the Ambassador Program?
How to use the Ambassador Program

How to earn money by recommending your club

Your club gives you the opportunity to earn real $ in the Ambassador Program! ❤️ It is enough that your friends, when registering at the club, use a special link that you send them.

How to log into your account?
Use this link: You can do it from any device - your phone, tablet or a computer.

Your e-mail address provided during registration is your app login.
If you forgot your password, you will find a reset button at the bottom.

What is the Ambassador Program?

Your help to develop your club
You earn $$ which goes straight to your club wallet

How to use the Ambassador Program?

In the app menu you will find a special tab called "Ambassador Program".
Your club has left there an individual link for you, which you can send to your friends registering for the club.
When someone registers a new club member account using your link, they will receive a discount from the club on their first membership.
You will receive $$ which will appear in your club wallet, as a thank you gift for your help.

The discounts you see above are examples only. You will see the ones that work in your club, in your app 😊

If you want to install the phone app remember to use the appropriate browser:
Chrome for Android
Safari for iOS

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Updated on: 08/12/2023

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